iHealth Core Review

Since I started using Gyroscope to track different aspects of my life. Nowadays, I am looking to find new ways to add more data into the app. My goal is to track everything about my health and daily tasks.

I bought a body composition scale to track my weight, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI) and lean body mass. Why these 4 measurements? Because these measurements can be added to the Apple Heath app to track my progress over time. The scale that I bought is the iHealth Core. The scale tracks more than the four measurements I mentioned. It also tracks body water, visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass, daily calories intake.


Images from amazon.ca

The scale is well built and has a nice design. It blends with any decor of a room. It doesn’t pop up. It looks like a normal scale, it is not blocky event though it is a smart scale. The scale uses 4 AAA batteries to power. The scale has a beautiful glass cover. The scale display is well lit and easy to read. The scale is connected to wifi to upload the measurements to the app and the iHealth website.

The app has a nice design. It is not well designed like the Lifesum app but better than a lot of the health apps existing in the App Store. The app integrates with Apple Healthkit which was a must for me when I was looking for a new scale. The App can track up to 10 users.

Image from amazon.ca

The scale initial set-up is not the easiest. During my set up, I had problems syncing my data to the app. One thing I don’t like is that the scale can’t be reset. During my set up I had a typo mistake when writing my email. I had to delete my user to create a new one. Now the scale has designated 2 users to my weight. This is a bummer because I have to change my user every time to upload to the app

I had to email iHealth to factory reset the scale. I had to send the scale QR code and they reset it from their office. It would be nice if I was able to factory rest by myself. The customer service was good and the respond fairly quick.

The accuracy of the measurements is similar to the smart scale on the market.

I would recommend the iHealth Core to anyone who wants to track any of the 9 measurements that the scale offers.




Best podcast app – Pocket Casts


After using several podcast apps for about a year, I consider Pocket Casts to be the best podcast app on the App Store. It is better than what the competition has to offer. The app has a one-time fee of $3.99 UDS, but the other apps have subscription fees.

Pocket Cast has a beautiful design. It is very easy to use for a new podcast listener or for an enthusiast listener.

It is very easy to find the new podcast. Adding a new podcast to the main section of the app is very easy. The main section of the app is where you can listen to all your subscribed podcasts. I love the featured section. I have discovered a lot of new interesting podcasts from there. The feature section is curated by the Pocket Cast team and I recommend to visit this section of the app.

The best feature of the app is the cross-platform support. Pocket Cast sync between devices like a champ. I loved the web player. To access the web player, you need to pay a one-time fee of $9 USD. This will help to support the amazing team behind the app. To listen to a podcast on any computer, it is very simple. You need to log in the web player. The web player has a beautiful design and it is easy to use like the iOS app.


I recommend this app to the new, casual and hardcore podcasts listener. Pocket Cast has a well-designed interface for the iOS and web player. It is easy to use and has an excellent syncing ability.

You can check out the app on iOS and Android now.

What makes a smartphone a smartphone?

The introduction of the first iPhone changed the life of our modern society. This was the introduction of the first ever smartphone. Nowadays, people can’t live without it from communicating with friend and family, searching the web, taking a picture, listening and watching all types of media and mush more.

What makes an iPhone an iPhone? Well, according to the economist Mariana Mazzucato, there are 12 key technologies that make a smartphone: a small microprocessor, a memory chip, a solid state hard drive, a liquid crystal display, a lithium-ion battery, a signal compression, an access to internet, an HTTP and an HTML, a cellular network, a GPS, a touchscreen, and Siri.

All these 12 key technologies that we use in our day-to-day life and cannot live without were not created by Apple. In fact, all of the 12 key features that make a smartphone were not event created by a public company. All of those 12 technologies were created by government agencies. Yes, government agencies were using all of this technology long before it was unveiled to the public.

Without the help of government agencies, we will not be able to have in our hand an incredibly powerful device more capable than a supercomputer of the past.

The creations and the agencies involved in their creation:

Microprocessor: DARPA
Solid State drive: DoE/DARPA
Liquid-crystal display: NIH , NSF, DoD
Lithium-ion batteries: DoE
Signal Compression: Army Research Office
Internet: DARPA
Cellular technology: US Military
Multi-touch screen: DoE, CIA/NSF DoD

I highly recommend the podcast from where I  learned about this. It’s called 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy from BBC World Service.

Source of the list come from http://marianamazzucato.com/the-entrepreneurial-state/

Marshall Acton: Best Home Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Acton is the best home Bluetooth speaker on the market. I am an average consumer, I am not an audiophile, I repeat not an audiophile.

According to my testing, the Acton speaker can easily fill up an 800 square foot floor with no effort. The speaker sounds amazing and I never maxed the volume. Most of my time using the speaker, the volume is between 20% to 40% of the max volume. I love to control the bass and treble of the speaker to customize exactly how I want it.

I love the design of the speaker. It gives an old school look with the faux leather and the metal accents. The speaker is very nicely built with excellent feedback, especially the on/off toggle. It gives the feeling of using an old airplane toggle. I initially bought the speaker for its design. I didn’t know how it would sound even though I heard good thing about Marschall. There are no other speakers better designed on the marker than the family of speakers offer by Marshall.

The Acton speaker is the smallest plug-in model offered by Marshall at a retail price of $249 USD.


In the box, there is a Type A plug and a Type C plug, a manual box, a cloth, a 3.5 mm audio cable and the speaker itself.


The Acton is a Bluetooth speaker that need to be plugged into a socket to work. It has one ¾inc dome tweeter on each side of the 4-inch woofer which is in the middle.


On top of the speaker, from left to right, there is a 3.5 mm input, a Bluetooth and Input light, a volume knob, a bass nob, a treble nob, a source/wake up button, a pairing button and an on/off indicator.

The 3.5mm audio cable that is included is the box is the most beautiful audio cable I have ever seen. I paid over $25 for 3.5mm audio cable a couple of time, but they are nothing compared to what Marshall gives with their speaker.


The only con that I can found is that you need to manually change the bass and treble and can’t change through a phone or a computer. Maybe there is a way, but I did not find it.

I recommend this speaker if you are someone who loves well built and designed object. You can for sure find a cheaper or probably a better sounding speaker, but I don’t believe you will be able to find a speaker with a more beautiful industrial design.

Best app of 2016 – Gyroscope

A couple of weeks ago, I found Gyroscope, a health tracking app like no other. It integrates with several services to provide the most accurate report to the user. I strongly believe Gyroscope is the best app of 2016 and deserve to be on every phone. I tend to install a lot of apps, but I always end up deleting them. However, it was not the case for Gyroscope.

The app has a social part where the user can add their friends and compete with them even if they don’t use the same service that provides the health information. No other health tracking app offers to do that.

The app has the best UI design compared to any other health app with a clutter free and minimal design composed of a beautiful chart, card and summaries report.

Gyroscope can be connected to other services in order to have a better glimpse of your life. For example, it can be connected with services, such as Moves, Apple HealthKit, Rescue Time, Fitbit, Withings, Strava, Runkeeper, Instagram, Twitter, Jawbone, Google, Spotify, and Foursquare. I have never seen an app that connects with so many services easily.

When connected to other services, Gyroscope track steps, heart rate, location, time spend on the computer, running, cycling, workouts, and weight without the Pro version. With the Pro version, it can also track body fat, sleep, calories, music, meditation, and DNA.

The Pro version gives more information to the user such as a monthly report, annual report and much more. Here is everything the pro version offers.


Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 9.23.15 PM.png
Source from gyrosco.pe


Currently, I am using the free version of the service and I am planning to get an annual membership soon. The price varies on iOS and on the Gyroscope site. For the cheapest price, go to Gyroscope site which is gyrosco.pe.

I would like Gyroscope to add a couple of features. The first one is a way to tell the app sick days. The second one is to add a way to grade your day and the final is a way to integrate with a journal app such as Day One.

I highly recommend the app to every person who wants to track their health and have an overview of their life.

You can check out the app on iOS now.

Must have app – Feelca B&W

Feelca B&W  released on October 14, 2016,  by IDEAMP Co., Ltd. on the AppStore is a beautiful app that helps create beautiful black and white pictures. The app is very easy to use and has a beautiful UX design.

The app developer has created this app so users can be able to take beautiful pictures like the famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson by choosing between one of the two exposures offered: 24 or 36.

I have been using the app since the release date. I don’t regret the 1.39$ CAD I paid. In fact, I personally believe they should charge more for the app.

I recommend every iOS user to download the app, especially if you are interested in photography.

Here are some pictures I took with the app.

Best game – Mekorama

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.53.49 AMMekorama is not only the best puzzle game on iOS, it is the best game on any mobile device that I have used. The app is extremely well done with beautiful animation and the gameplay is awesome. Mekorame is better than Monument Valley, which is an awesome puzzle game, for a couple of reasons. The game has more levels than Monument Valley. You can import levels created by other people from the web and you can create your own level.

I love how the creator has implanted the in-app purchases. The game is free on the AppStore and the Google Play. Though, if you want to support the creator, which you should because it is the best game on any handheld device, you can pay what you want by choosing one of the six prices that are offered. This in-app purchases also unlocks hits for all 50 levels that are build in the game.

Mekorama will be a game that will stay on my home screen for a long time and I am curious what Martin Magni‘s next project will be.

Stock App – Yahoo! Finance


After using several Stock apps for the couples of months, I found Yahoo! Finance to be the best stock app in the App Store. Yahoo! Finance is better than Stock Tracker which is one of the top stock market apps on the App Store. Yahoo! Finance has a better design than Stock Tracker which is ugly and a better design than Apple own stock app, by the way, iOS native stocks app is powered by Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo! Finance is also better than Stock Touch which is a paid app in the App Store because it takes less time to get the information of a company compared to Stock Touch.

The app is divided into three sections. The first one is watchlist where you can track the stock price of companies that are in the NYSE and NASDAQ in real time and the price of a company listed on the TSX with a delay of a couple of minutes. I don’t know if there is a delay for the other major stock exchanges in the app. You can also add in this section you hold in the app to track your daily gains and your total gains. To add your holding it’s quite simple, just up the price you paid, the numbers of share you own and your trade date.You can also have different watch lists and you can rename them whatever you want to be more efficient. Under the watchlist table, there is news about all companies you follow.

Every company that is listed have their own page with a graph to see the price through time, the company history and all the information such as previously closed, open, low, high, market cap and mush more. They also have a newsfeed for the company coming from different media companies.

In the news section, you have news aggregating from differents website such as Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, Business Insider, CNBSThe Motley Fool and mush more. I don’t personally use this part of the app because I read the news about the company I follow on the page or in the watchlist section. You kind also find adds thought the app where they are news section. They are not that annoying compared to other stock apps.

3 Market

In the market section, there is 3 sections for all the major market (US, Europe, Asia) and an overview of all the market moves, top gainers, top losers, bonds, currencies, commodities, mutual fund and EFTs for all tree market. In this compartment, I come to see mostly the market movers, top gainers, top losers.

Yahoo! Finance is the best stock app because it has a beautiful design with beautiful graphs, animation, a nice font. Yahoo! Finance compare to other app has a life it has colors! It makes you want’s to check the stock market more often. It is easier to use, it has less crap than the competition. Yahoo! Finance, is the best app in the App Store. The only thing that I would like to change is to bring the real-time price for companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.