The Journal no. 10 – March 8, ​2018

Before starting The Journal, I have two updates. Firstly, I wrote an article on a company that I admire Zooplus – Growing Moat on my blog. If you have the time, please read it and give me your opinions about my thesis. Secondly, from now on, The Journal will be posted on every Thursday of the week.

Welcome to The Journal. My goal with The Journal is to post once a week a list of everything that I found interesting from investing, design, architecture, and much more. Here is what I found interesting this week:


Best-Paid CEOs Run Some of Worst-Performing Companies – WSJ

Why Software is the Ultimate Business Model (and the data to prove it) – Medium

The WIRED Guide to Artificial Intelligence – Wired

Cool sh*t


Making a Case for Books – 7 min

The Apple Ecosystem: Explained! – 8 min


Savneet Singh The Berkshire of Software – Invest Like the Best – 76 min

Yuval Noah Harari: A Brief History of the Future – The James Altucher Show – 55 min



Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist


Thanks for reading, see you next week!

Balal Rasool

Featured Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash


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