The Journal no. 9 – February​ 18, ​2018


Welcome to The Journal. My goal with The Journal is to post once a week a list of everything that I found interesting from investing, design, architecture, and much more. Here is what I found interesting this week:


Silicon Valley’s Tax-Avoiding, Job-Killing, Soul-Sucking Machine – Esquire

Why Software is the Ultimate Business Model (and the data to prove it) – Medium

Mohnish Pabrai – Recommends 7 Top Investing Books… And Two Websites To Become A Better Investor – The Acquirer’s Multiple

Cool sh*t

Fern Chacha Touring Bike – blessthisstuff

Steve Harrington Reimagines the Nike Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 – freshness

A Roll-out Table Perfect for Small Spaces – Joes Daily


Warren Buffett: Advice For Entrepreneurs (2018)

We Asked Bill Gates: Do You Need To Be Rich To Be Healthy?


This is probably the two of the best podcasts I listened so far.

Josh Wolfe – This is Who You Are Up Against – Invest Like the Best

Our Inevitable Future: Interview with Kevin Kelly – Rule Breaker Investing



Thanks for reading, see you next week!

Balal Rasool


Featured Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash



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