The Journal – December 24, ​2017

Welcome to the first issue of The Journal. My goal with The Journal is to post once a week a list of everything that I found interesting.


CRISPR in 2018: Coming to a Human Near You by Emily Mullin

Why Young Investors Should Hope For a Crash by Michael Batnick

This $5 Billion Encrypted App Isn’t for Sale at Any Price By Stepan KravchenkoNour Al Ali, and Ilya Khrennikov


A Conversation with Charlie Munger and Michigan Ross – 2017 – 56 min

Mohnish Pabrai Lecture at Boston College (Carroll School of Mgmt) – Nov 30, 2017 – 140 min

Making a Flipbook Machine – 10 min

Vertical Farming

Last year for the first time, I grew vegetable plants in my backyard, and I found fascinating seeing the plants grow and eating fresh plants whenever I want. Now that it is winter, I am looking for a way to grow plants indoors, and I found out about The Smart Farm by Click And Grow. It is a ridiculous 9 900$ indoor farm that can grow 288 plants. When I was doing some research to look at commercial uses of vertical framing and their benefits, I found these two videos very interesting.

Tokyo’s Vertical Farms – The Future of Farming | WIRED – 3 min

This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water – 4 min

The Investor Podcast

For about two weeks, I have been listening to The Investor Podcast. I used to listen to some of their podcasts and now, that I am more interested in value investing, I have listened to all their episodes until episode 123. I have learned a lot from listening to their podcasts, and I would recommend them to everybody who wants to learn more about value investing.

The Dhandho Investor

I finished reading this week The Dhandho Investor by  Mohnish Pabra. The book is very interesting and filled with useful information about how to invest in the stock market or a business without losing money and obtaining a high return on your investment. I would recommend the book, like the podcasts, to everybody who wants to learn more about value investing.


For about three years, I have have been very passionate about the stock market and all things business. After acquiring a pretty good knowledge about the stock market, by any mean, I am not an expert I decided to become a contributor to I wrote two articles, one last month and one this week. Please, check it out and any feedback will be really appreciated.

Dream Global REIT: A Low-Risk Company With An 6.74% Yield

Tucows – Ting Is The Future!

Thanks for reading, happy holidays and see you next week!

Balal Rasool


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