Brookfield Asset Management: My Thoughts

After reading the book Angle by Jason Calacanis, a very successful angel investor, I decided to copy his idea by writing a blog about the companies I am investing. Before I talk about what I like, what I believe can go wrong and my thoughts here is a summary about the company.

Brookfield Asset Management is a global alternative asset manager with over $250 Billion in asset around more than 30 countries. Brookfield Asset Management started investing in real assets 115 years ago and now invests in different sectors, such as real states, infrastructures, renewable power and private equity. Brookfield Asset Management owns large stakes in thesis publicly traded companies: Brookfield Property Partners L.P., Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P., Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P., and Brookfield Business Partners L.P. Brookfield Asset Management is a trader in the TSX under the symbol BAM.A and in the NYSE under the symbol BAM.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.24.58 PM
Source: Brookfield Asset Management
Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 9.02.09 PM
Percentage of Ownership In the all the LP. Source: Q2 2017 Corporate Profile p.20

What I like?

Brookfield is a diversified company that invests in real assesses across all its sectors. Essentially, they are the backbone of the economies in their sectors. Brookfield has a world-class management team that manages this business wonderfully with a long-term horizon.

What can go wrong?

The impaction of Brexit or any political situation such as the corruption in the Brazilian government can impact the company, but only for a short amount of time. I believe a global recession can affect the real estate division of Brookfield. Moreover, if the trend continues in the retail, it can also affect the company, which is a big position in their property portfolio.

My thoughts

I really like Brookfield Asset Management for the future because it is one of the world’s best value-investment firms. I believe Brookfield Asset Management is a low-risk company that will go nowhere and that will bring wonder in the future. I certainly will hold my stake in Brookfield for as long as I can or for the next couple of decades.

Disclaimer: I own Brookfield Asset Management and I have invested in Brookfield Property Partners LP, Brookfield Renewable Partners LP, and Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. for my dad. These are my personal thoughts. They are NOT an advice and I do not recommend to buy stocks before doing your own research about the company.



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