Abstract: The Art of Design – Is a must watch for any design lover


Series poster


I am always looking to find interesting videos about things that interest me. I’ve never found interesting videos about design, except for a couple of videos on Youtube about Dieter Rams, Jony Ive or Spencer Nikosey. The first time I saw the trailer about Abstract, I was looking forward to watching it. I marked down the release date on my calendar and planned to watch the documentary. I thought it was a documentary but I was wrong. It was a full season with 8 episodes dedicated to different types of design. From the beginning, I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching it. I’ve been watching the whole series. Abstract is more than what I was expecting. I really loved the documentary and hope the series continues with more episodes in the future. If you know or you are someone who has a passion for design and abstract creativity, it is a must to watch.

Screenshot from the show 

Check out the official trailer.

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