iHealth Core Review

Since I started using Gyroscope to track different aspects of my life. Nowadays, I am looking to find new ways to add more data into the app. My goal is to track everything about my health and daily tasks.

I bought a body composition scale to track my weight, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI) and lean body mass. Why these 4 measurements? Because these measurements can be added to the Apple Heath app to track my progress over time. The scale that I bought is the iHealth Core. The scale tracks more than the four measurements I mentioned. It also tracks body water, visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass, daily calories intake.


Images from amazon.ca

The scale is well built and has a nice design. It blends with any decor of a room. It doesn’t pop up. It looks like a normal scale, it is not blocky event though it is a smart scale. The scale uses 4 AAA batteries to power. The scale has a beautiful glass cover. The scale display is well lit and easy to read. The scale is connected to wifi to upload the measurements to the app and the iHealth website.

The app has a nice design. It is not well designed like the Lifesum app but better than a lot of the health apps existing in the App Store. The app integrates with Apple Healthkit which was a must for me when I was looking for a new scale. The App can track up to 10 users.

Image from amazon.ca

The scale initial set-up is not the easiest. During my set up, I had problems syncing my data to the app. One thing I don’t like is that the scale can’t be reset. During my set up I had a typo mistake when writing my email. I had to delete my user to create a new one. Now the scale has designated 2 users to my weight. This is a bummer because I have to change my user every time to upload to the app

I had to email iHealth to factory reset the scale. I had to send the scale QR code and they reset it from their office. It would be nice if I was able to factory rest by myself. The customer service was good and the respond fairly quick.

The accuracy of the measurements is similar to the smart scale on the market.

I would recommend the iHealth Core to anyone who wants to track any of the 9 measurements that the scale offers.




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