Best app of 2016 – Gyroscope

A couple of weeks ago, I found Gyroscope, a health tracking app like no other. It integrates with several services to provide the most accurate report to the user. I strongly believe Gyroscope is the best app of 2016 and deserve to be on every phone. I tend to install a lot of apps, but I always end up deleting them. However, it was not the case for Gyroscope.

The app has a social part where the user can add their friends and compete with them even if they don’t use the same service that provides the health information. No other health tracking app offers to do that.

The app has the best UI design compared to any other health app with a clutter free and minimal design composed of a beautiful chart, card and summaries report.

Gyroscope can be connected to other services in order to have a better glimpse of your life. For example, it can be connected with services, such as Moves, Apple HealthKit, Rescue Time, Fitbit, Withings, Strava, Runkeeper, Instagram, Twitter, Jawbone, Google, Spotify, and Foursquare. I have never seen an app that connects with so many services easily.

When connected to other services, Gyroscope track steps, heart rate, location, time spend on the computer, running, cycling, workouts, and weight without the Pro version. With the Pro version, it can also track body fat, sleep, calories, music, meditation, and DNA.

The Pro version gives more information to the user such as a monthly report, annual report and much more. Here is everything the pro version offers.


Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 9.23.15 PM.png
Source from


Currently, I am using the free version of the service and I am planning to get an annual membership soon. The price varies on iOS and on the Gyroscope site. For the cheapest price, go to Gyroscope site which is

I would like Gyroscope to add a couple of features. The first one is a way to tell the app sick days. The second one is to add a way to grade your day and the final is a way to integrate with a journal app such as Day One.

I highly recommend the app to every person who wants to track their health and have an overview of their life.

You can check out the app on iOS now.

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