Best game – Mekorama

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 8.53.49 AMMekorama is not only the best puzzle game on iOS, it is the best game on any mobile device that I have used. The app is extremely well done with beautiful animation and the gameplay is awesome. Mekorame is better than Monument Valley, which is an awesome puzzle game, for a couple of reasons. The game has more levels than Monument Valley. You can import levels created by other people from the web and you can create your own level.

I love how the creator has implanted the in-app purchases. The game is free on the AppStore and the Google Play. Though, if you want to support the creator, which you should because it is the best game on any handheld device, you can pay what you want by choosing one of the six prices that are offered. This in-app purchases also unlocks hits for all 50 levels that are build in the game.

Mekorama will be a game that will stay on my home screen for a long time and I am curious what Martin Magni‘s next project will be.

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