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After using several Stock apps for the couples of months, I found Yahoo! Finance to be the best stock app in the App Store. Yahoo! Finance is better than Stock Tracker which is one of the top stock market apps on the App Store. Yahoo! Finance has a better design than Stock Tracker which is ugly and a better design than Apple own stock app, by the way, iOS native stocks app is powered by Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo! Finance is also better than Stock Touch which is a paid app in the App Store because it takes less time to get the information of a company compared to Stock Touch.

The app is divided into three sections. The first one is watchlist where you can track the stock price of companies that are in the NYSE and NASDAQ in real time and the price of a company listed on the TSX with a delay of a couple of minutes. I don’t know if there is a delay for the other major stock exchanges in the app. You can also add in this section you hold in the app to track your daily gains and your total gains. To add your holding it’s quite simple, just up the price you paid, the numbers of share you own and your trade date.You can also have different watch lists and you can rename them whatever you want to be more efficient. Under the watchlist table, there is news about all companies you follow.

Every company that is listed have their own page with a graph to see the price through time, the company history and all the information such as previously closed, open, low, high, market cap and mush more. They also have a newsfeed for the company coming from different media companies.

In the news section, you have news aggregating from differents website such as Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, Business Insider, CNBSThe Motley Fool and mush more. I don’t personally use this part of the app because I read the news about the company I follow on the page or in the watchlist section. You kind also find adds thought the app where they are news section. They are not that annoying compared to other stock apps.

3 Market

In the market section, there is 3 sections for all the major market (US, Europe, Asia) and an overview of all the market moves, top gainers, top losers, bonds, currencies, commodities, mutual fund and EFTs for all tree market. In this compartment, I come to see mostly the market movers, top gainers, top losers.

Yahoo! Finance is the best stock app because it has a beautiful design with beautiful graphs, animation, a nice font. Yahoo! Finance compare to other app has a life it has colors! It makes you want’s to check the stock market more often. It is easier to use, it has less crap than the competition. Yahoo! Finance, is the best app in the App Store. The only thing that I would like to change is to bring the real-time price for companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


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